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Solidarity Cup

Image of Solidarity Cup

A well rounded belly, to remind us that at the moment we emerged from our mother’s womb, we did so equal to every other human being.

A cup with no handle, to allow a universal grip from all directions, by all hands.

A black band, reminiscent of an armband, to remind us to mourn those lost to the fight for freedom and equality.

Lined in yellow, the color of soft sunlight, to remind us that we all carry a light within us, the Divine Light, and it is our duty and privilege to spill that light out and share it with others.

The black band is not glazed, so that we can stay in touch with our inner clay and be mindful of our inner darkness.

The body of the cup comes in many colors, just like our fellow human beings.

25% of each sale goes to a non-profit supporting education in diversity and social justice reform.

Stock varies and color selection may fluctuate. Orders may take up to 1 month to be filled if your color choice is temporarily out of stock. In the shopping cart, you may request your preferred colors, and seller will contact you to confirm availability. Please be patient and understand hand made takes time.

Each cup is hand thrown and high fired, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe. Cups should be preheated with hot tap water before filling with boiling water to prevent temperature shock. Cups vary in size, from 3.5 to 4 inches in height, and hold roughly 12-14 fl. oz.

Color choices are Textured blue (new denim), Pete's Red, Ty matte blue (faded denim), Oribe green (glassy green), Mexican PT green (satin mossy green), Shiga Black, Kaki (Persimmon), Amber Celadon (coffee-colored and glassy), Spodumene (creamy orange/lavender tones), Temmoku (rust/brown to black and shiny); colors are pictured in this order.
Domestic US shipping is $8 for one cup plus $2.50 for each additional cup.
International shipping is available for $20 for one cup plus $3 for each additional cup.